Thursday, December 30, 2010

Let the trip begin...

I figured I would start the journey with a little introduction of well...ME!! You see I have never actually done one of these things before and well at first I thought they were a little too out there for me. But after reading a few friends of mine's blogs I thought well why not I will give it a try. I keep telling my best friend, my family and myself how I want to branch out, get to know other people but then that's as far as it goes. So here we go I am doing it finally I am branching out, putting myself out there for all to see...well read is more like it. I picked traveling because I love to travel, I love getting in my car and just driving. I figure I can use this to just share my thoughts probably nothing too personal I mean not using this to vent my problems and sorrows but maybe this will help people see me in a different light. I am not a bad person; sometimes I think people are just too quick to judge me. (But that's a story for another day) Moving on now.....traveling is something my family does a lot; now we don't take elaborate trips but family vacations are a big thing for us. I think that's where my love for travel comes from. My best friend and I have started a little tradition of our own where every summer we pick a weekend and take a trip just the two of us to just get away from it all. But I think one of the trips I look forward to the most are the ones I take to KC to see two of other best friends. We all went to college together at Northwest and well we started out as strangers and somewhere along the way we became friends..sisters and I love those girls so much and miss them every day!! This whole branching out thing is gonna be hard and I am not sure if anyone will read these but hey at least I can say I tried...right?! If you haven't picked up on it I pretty much love my family and friends (yes that includes my baby sister) they are pretty important to me I think I would be lost without them. They support me, encourage me and most of all love me. I would do anything for these people!!

One of my other favorite things is watching movies. I can not get enough of them my collection is pretty random. I absolutely love Disney movies like the old ones...I just got Beauty and the Beast for Christmas, but The Lion King has got to be my all time favorite animated Disney movie. My top favorite Disney movie of all time (if you know me at all) is Pirates of the Caribbean. I absolutely love Johnny Depp I think he is extremely handsome and an incredible actor. I watch all his movies no matter what anyone says about them.

Music is a big part of my life, I love to sing in the car whether I am alone or not. Sometimes I get caught humming to myself at work. I believe music is a good form of medicine lol I love to rock to the late 70s, 80s and early 90s music (and I blame my father for that). I love Johnny Cash's music and Walk the Line has got to be one of my top movies. Oh yeah and I am a total Gleek!! Even though its a TV show its music too so it deserves a mention in this part.

Well I think this enough for now. I hope you enjoy our trip will continue tomorrow....or whenever I post again.