Friday, June 22, 2012

Better late than never :)

Well most of you know now that I am getting married in about 4 months. But I thought a little update through here couldn't hurt. I am doing a lot of this on my own using family and friends to get things done. It's cheaper and a lot less stressful which is a huge plus. We are getting down to a lot of the little detail items now so it should start getting "fun" here soon lol. We are wanting our wedding to be different then most but for those who know me it shouldn't come as a too big of surprise. We are going for a relaxed yet vintage style of wedding but that's all the details I am giving out about that can't say too much without describing my dress which is where my "theme" idea came from. (John might see this and I told him he can't see the dress until the big day).

I have been blessed with incredible family and friends and even John's family; everyone has been so understanding, paitent and supportive. I don't think we could have asked for better people in our lives.

We are so excited and ready for 10/27/2012 to get here :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Just thought I would fill you in...

So I just realized its been months since I have posted anything on here and I just want to say sorry. After my last post (back in April) my life got insanely busy; summer was spent hanging out with my Acts 2:42 group from church and having a blast every time we did. We went to weddings, mini golfing, bowling, girls' weekend in MN, game nights, and so much more. Then on June 8th after a couple weeks of dating the greatest guy (John) in the entire world asked me to be his girlfriend...and of course I said yes. Oh I guess I should add in here that it was ANDREA QUICK who set us up on our first date lol ;) so thank you Andrea for doing that.

After 2 wonderful months of dating we fell in love and he gave me a promise ring. He is most definitely THE ONE :) Anyways so after about 3 months of dating he made of the most important decisions you can make...he accepted Christ as his personal Savior, got baptized, and became a member of our church all in one week. I can already see changes in him and I am so excited to see where God leads us.

Now that summer is over life is finally starting to slow down again.

We moved my baby sister into college, which was a very emotional day for me. It was very surreal moving her in, since to me she is still 10 years old but we have become more like best friends but we will always be sisters first.

I actually applied for a different position within Pepsi that has normal work day hours. If I get it I would be an Administrative Assistant to the senior manager for the whole upper midwest region. I know I will get it if that's what God has planned for me.

I have feel like I have grown spiritually  so much over the summer and I rely on God so much more than I ever have. Having a  wonderful Godly family and friends and even my boyfriend has helped so much.  I realize more and more each day how truly blessed I am with the people in my life.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In case you didn't know..

So in case you didn't know already I started my new job last week and I am pleased to say it is going extremely well. I love that I am always busy my day flies by which is awesome for me!! The only thing that is taking some getting used to is the hours...I work 11am-7:30pm but I don't mind the sleeping in part and I get my weekends free!! (which is so incredibly awesome cause now I can go to church EVERY Sunday!!!) I have about 3 weeks of school left and I am so ready for that!! After school is over I don't know what I will do with all my free time..maybe hang out with some pretty awesome and special people I know!!
Have some more girls nights like this....

And of course there are some new friends..but I don't have any pictures with them quite yet...maybe I will have to take some at our bowling outing this weekend....yeah I might do that!! There are so many new relationships blooming in my life its crazy!! Of course I still have my closet and dearest friends but these new ones might just make the cut ;) ha ha All in all life has been great and it's only getting better!! I will try and keep y'all updated on the new relationships that are blooming!!  

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hello Again...

Ok so I totally just realized that its been 2 MONTHS since I last posted...I guess that goes to show how busy I have been lately. So to catch everyone the last couple of months have been focused on school, work, and applying for new jobs. And for those you don't know already I got a new job; I will be working at Pepsi-Co in Urbandale in the accounting department!!! That's right every girl's dream to play with money all day and I get to live it. I start that next week so no more hotel business for me and you know I am actually relieved, why you may ask. Well I will tell you I will get to experience a job where I don't have to be on the phone 90% of the time listening to people complain about every little thing. Yes I know every job has it's downside but I was a little burned out on the hotel biz and a major plus and the REAL reason I changed jobs....Pepsi gives me insurance!! And that folks is a major need!! So now that I have a new job and with school ending in 4 weeks (that's right count them 4 weeks) things are really starting to come together.

Life still has its speed bumps every now and then but hey that's the beauty of life. You have to take the hits it gives you and turn them around for the better.

One change I am not liking at all is watching my baby sister pick out a college...she can't be old enough for that yet can she?! I say no..she is still that same pestering little 10 year old that used to beg me to play school with her or bug the crap out of Nicole and I...oh man my little sister. She's not so little anymore she will be 19 this year and it seems incredibly unreal to me!! But I wouldn't trade her or our strong relationship for the world!! I know she will do great things no matter what she does.

So besides being a debby downer when it comes to my baby sis going to college in the fall, things have been going smoothly no real bumps in the road yet but we all know how that goes as soon as life is running smooth something comes along to screw it up but no worries I will keep on truckin. And hopefully keep you guys all little more updated along the way!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

3 months and counting

So my little blur today is about my excitement. I got 2 pieces of good news today; first and foremost one of the darling little girls I watch had a biopsy on Monday and her results of the test came back negative!! God definitely answers prayers and is so incredibly awesome!!! He reminds me so often of His awesome power and perfect timing. I am learning more and more everyday and I am growing so much in His Word. Basically I love Jesus and I am so excited to see where He takes me. Second and last but certainty not least  I received all my paperwork today for graduation so let the countdown begin with 3 months!!! The only scary part about this whole thing is what the crap do I do afterwords. A couple people have suggested some things but only God knows what's in store for my life and I trust him completely.

I was reminded the other day by my dearest and two of closest friends Shelby & Nicole just how amazing God is. They always knows just what to say to me when I am stuck, or just need some encouragement. I know no matter what happens they will always be there to keep in check and will always have encouraging words for me and will love me and support me no matter what decision I make. I love them both very much, so much in fact I consider them my sisters.

Another thing I am looking forward to is next weekend I get to spend 4 much needed days with my other dearest and closest friend Kristi!! I haven't seen her since this past summer and I can not wait to get away for awhile and just spend some quality time with her. We always have a blast together no matter what we are doing. I only which she lived closer to me or visa versa so we could see each other more often than we already do.

Well that's all for today folks I have some paperwork to fill out and some plans to be made. I hope everyone has a fantabulous day!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Smooth trip so far

So I realized its been awhile since I have posted on here but I guess that just goes to show how exciting my life can be :) I am counting down the days until graduation because I am so ready to be done. I think I will celebrate with a very long extended vacation!!

So nothing real to exciting has been happening lately around here just taken my new found view on life day by day and seeing where that takes me. I have made some new friends through my Acts 2:42 group through church its pretty much an all girls group (poor Cody, he occasionally gets the company of another guy). The group is awesome I get to spend time with great friends old and new and plus my old youth leaders our the leaders now and I love them to death!! I couldn't ask for a better group. I was hesitate at first to join (But Nicole convinced me) I mean don't get me wrong they are all great individuals, it's just I wasn't quite ready to hand myself over and well with a pushing and pulling I decided to come. It was rough at first with a preset attitude but after a few Sunday nights there I was loving it. Learning about God and getting to know other believers it was fun. (and plus Londa is a great cook). She always has something new and exciting for us to try. I am pretty sure we are her guinea pigs sometimes. (just kidding I love Londa)The Sneaky Mommy 

So I feel like I need to have a hobby, I mean with school getting ready to end I feel like I need something to do with all the spare time I will have. I know my friend and I will be looking for a place to live so that will take a lot of money, so it will have to be a cheap hobby. I wonder what I could do?!

So I know this short but I thought I would update you all on how life is going my way...believe when something exciting happens you all will know. But a something one of my best friends and I also consider my sister told me something today that really helped me and she didn't even know it. So I will share it with you before I go... 
Every friendship has a time-it's either a reason, a season, or a lifetime
She is so right and I have begun to see those friendships come about. I hope you all have lifetime friendships.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Friends are important

So something I have receantly realized is how important friendships are, ok not just receantly I have always known. But just receantly I have noticed that everyone needs at least one best friend. Someone you can turn to no matter what and know that they will not judge you.

I am so lucky to know that I have this person in my life (and she knows who she is) we have such an amazing relationship that I am pretty sure that nothing will break the bond we have. Here is the short version of our story....

It all started when we met in 4th grade at GPBS we could not stand each other. I thought she was a spoiled brat and who knows what she thought of me lol Now fast forward to 6th grade where we were forced to do a school project together, like me she told her mom that she didn't want to work with me but both mothers told us to suck it up basically and we ended up doing the project together. No folks we didn't kill each other we actually worked really well together. We got along so well we started hanging out here and lets fast forward a bit high school. We had become extremely close a group of 3 of us. We had slummber parties and hung out all the time. Then a new girl joined the group and things well started to get rough for us. Not to get into the whole story but basically this new girl caused the friendship of us 3 girls to fall apart and after my sophmore year I transferred to Lincoln to finish out my schooling. Now against what you might think I didn't leave because I was teased or picked on I simply could not handle the situation and I choose to pull myself out so as not to deal with it on a day to day basis any more. After I left the 3 of us kind of stopped talking to each other and our little group fell apart for awhile. But for myself and one of the other girls we still had to face each other every week because you see she went to my church (now are you guys catching up) after awhile we started to reconnect and low and behold we were inseperable once again. We both apologized forgave each other and moved on. We actually laugh about the whole thing to this day.

But we weren't out of the woods yet little did we know our friendship was about to be tested again....freshman year of college. We got put together as roommates. It started out great but really whoever thought two girls in that small of space was a good idea was seriously mistaken!! ha ha Of course we fought and had our riffs but who wouldn't right?? Well the school we were at wasn't for us so I went to Missouri for school and she went to another school. We didn't speak after we both transferred for about a year then we reconnected again and well to bring up to speed....we are still best friends and we both now know that no matter what may try to sever that bound it just can't. I can go to her with anything and she can come to me anything, frankly we are brutally honest with eachother.

I tell you all this to tell you this....everyone needs at least that one person that will be brutally honest with you whether its about what you wear that day or about something you are going through in life. I do think it is possible to have more than one good friend I mean who do you go to when you need to complain or vent about youre close friend ha ha I mean I have my best friend up here and I have one in Missouri that I would do anything for.

So for anyone reading this who might going through a rough spot with a close friend hang in there everything will get better I know I have been there and it might seem like you two will never be able to get past the speed bump but you will. My bestie and I did!! I would be lost with out her....actually I would be lost without ALL my best friends (which my family is included in that)

So I hope you enjoyed a little inside info on me and if you have a close friend or friends let them know how thankful you are for them!!