Saturday, January 8, 2011

Friends are important

So something I have receantly realized is how important friendships are, ok not just receantly I have always known. But just receantly I have noticed that everyone needs at least one best friend. Someone you can turn to no matter what and know that they will not judge you.

I am so lucky to know that I have this person in my life (and she knows who she is) we have such an amazing relationship that I am pretty sure that nothing will break the bond we have. Here is the short version of our story....

It all started when we met in 4th grade at GPBS we could not stand each other. I thought she was a spoiled brat and who knows what she thought of me lol Now fast forward to 6th grade where we were forced to do a school project together, like me she told her mom that she didn't want to work with me but both mothers told us to suck it up basically and we ended up doing the project together. No folks we didn't kill each other we actually worked really well together. We got along so well we started hanging out here and lets fast forward a bit high school. We had become extremely close a group of 3 of us. We had slummber parties and hung out all the time. Then a new girl joined the group and things well started to get rough for us. Not to get into the whole story but basically this new girl caused the friendship of us 3 girls to fall apart and after my sophmore year I transferred to Lincoln to finish out my schooling. Now against what you might think I didn't leave because I was teased or picked on I simply could not handle the situation and I choose to pull myself out so as not to deal with it on a day to day basis any more. After I left the 3 of us kind of stopped talking to each other and our little group fell apart for awhile. But for myself and one of the other girls we still had to face each other every week because you see she went to my church (now are you guys catching up) after awhile we started to reconnect and low and behold we were inseperable once again. We both apologized forgave each other and moved on. We actually laugh about the whole thing to this day.

But we weren't out of the woods yet little did we know our friendship was about to be tested again....freshman year of college. We got put together as roommates. It started out great but really whoever thought two girls in that small of space was a good idea was seriously mistaken!! ha ha Of course we fought and had our riffs but who wouldn't right?? Well the school we were at wasn't for us so I went to Missouri for school and she went to another school. We didn't speak after we both transferred for about a year then we reconnected again and well to bring up to speed....we are still best friends and we both now know that no matter what may try to sever that bound it just can't. I can go to her with anything and she can come to me anything, frankly we are brutally honest with eachother.

I tell you all this to tell you this....everyone needs at least that one person that will be brutally honest with you whether its about what you wear that day or about something you are going through in life. I do think it is possible to have more than one good friend I mean who do you go to when you need to complain or vent about youre close friend ha ha I mean I have my best friend up here and I have one in Missouri that I would do anything for.

So for anyone reading this who might going through a rough spot with a close friend hang in there everything will get better I know I have been there and it might seem like you two will never be able to get past the speed bump but you will. My bestie and I did!! I would be lost with out her....actually I would be lost without ALL my best friends (which my family is included in that)

So I hope you enjoyed a little inside info on me and if you have a close friend or friends let them know how thankful you are for them!!

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