Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Smooth trip so far

So I realized its been awhile since I have posted on here but I guess that just goes to show how exciting my life can be :) I am counting down the days until graduation because I am so ready to be done. I think I will celebrate with a very long extended vacation!!

So nothing real to exciting has been happening lately around here just taken my new found view on life day by day and seeing where that takes me. I have made some new friends through my Acts 2:42 group through church its pretty much an all girls group (poor Cody, he occasionally gets the company of another guy). The group is awesome I get to spend time with great friends old and new and plus my old youth leaders our the leaders now and I love them to death!! I couldn't ask for a better group. I was hesitate at first to join (But Nicole convinced me) I mean don't get me wrong they are all great individuals, it's just I wasn't quite ready to hand myself over and well with a pushing and pulling I decided to come. It was rough at first with a preset attitude but after a few Sunday nights there I was loving it. Learning about God and getting to know other believers it was fun. (and plus Londa is a great cook). She always has something new and exciting for us to try. I am pretty sure we are her guinea pigs sometimes. (just kidding I love Londa)The Sneaky Mommy 

So I feel like I need to have a hobby, I mean with school getting ready to end I feel like I need something to do with all the spare time I will have. I know my friend and I will be looking for a place to live so that will take a lot of money, so it will have to be a cheap hobby. I wonder what I could do?!

So I know this short but I thought I would update you all on how life is going my way...believe when something exciting happens you all will know. But a something one of my best friends and I also consider my sister told me something today that really helped me and she didn't even know it. So I will share it with you before I go... 
Every friendship has a time-it's either a reason, a season, or a lifetime
She is so right and I have begun to see those friendships come about. I hope you all have lifetime friendships.


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  1. Well, butter my buns and call me biscuit! (Yes, I stole that from you forever ago!) You are the sweetest and we LOVE having you in our ACTS group! We do need to work on getting some BOYS! Not just to hook you girls up, but for balance, of course!
    I think your new hobby should be pedicures, manicures, highlights, and eye brow waxing...oh wait, those are just things I need done! :) Excited for you to graduate!