Friday, March 25, 2011

Hello Again...

Ok so I totally just realized that its been 2 MONTHS since I last posted...I guess that goes to show how busy I have been lately. So to catch everyone the last couple of months have been focused on school, work, and applying for new jobs. And for those you don't know already I got a new job; I will be working at Pepsi-Co in Urbandale in the accounting department!!! That's right every girl's dream to play with money all day and I get to live it. I start that next week so no more hotel business for me and you know I am actually relieved, why you may ask. Well I will tell you I will get to experience a job where I don't have to be on the phone 90% of the time listening to people complain about every little thing. Yes I know every job has it's downside but I was a little burned out on the hotel biz and a major plus and the REAL reason I changed jobs....Pepsi gives me insurance!! And that folks is a major need!! So now that I have a new job and with school ending in 4 weeks (that's right count them 4 weeks) things are really starting to come together.

Life still has its speed bumps every now and then but hey that's the beauty of life. You have to take the hits it gives you and turn them around for the better.

One change I am not liking at all is watching my baby sister pick out a college...she can't be old enough for that yet can she?! I say no..she is still that same pestering little 10 year old that used to beg me to play school with her or bug the crap out of Nicole and I...oh man my little sister. She's not so little anymore she will be 19 this year and it seems incredibly unreal to me!! But I wouldn't trade her or our strong relationship for the world!! I know she will do great things no matter what she does.

So besides being a debby downer when it comes to my baby sis going to college in the fall, things have been going smoothly no real bumps in the road yet but we all know how that goes as soon as life is running smooth something comes along to screw it up but no worries I will keep on truckin. And hopefully keep you guys all little more updated along the way!!